(…) io feci pigliare tutti i miei piatti et scodelle e tondi di stagno, i quali erano circa a dugento,
et a uno a uno io gli mettevo dinanzi a i mia canali, e parte ne feci gittare drento nella fornace;
di modo che, veduto ognuno che ‘l mio bronzo s’era benissimo fatto liquido et che la mia forma si empiva (…)  

Benvenuto Cellini


Wax melts down in the very high flames changing into a burning hot river of bronze. This is the “casting”, a very magic moment when the sculpture, keeping up the oldest tradition, takes shape; a tradition that – almost on the quiet – fearing that the wind blows these precious secrets away like formulas of magic potions, has been passed down step by step through the generations by our foundry.

Since 1970, in the forges of Ruocco artistic foundry, we have been creating items outwardly inanimate; we are able to get from the raw material its most sublime and noblest part, that is the one capable of arousing good feelings, harmoniously and refinedly.

Our works tell of beautiful stories because, before turning into sculptures, they are wishes arising from our hearts.


100% Original Italian Quality IT01 System

These products are:
– entirely made in Italy
– made with Italian components
– made with natural top quality materials
– made according to the company’s exclusive styles and designs
– made according to the typical Italian craftmanship and tradition



100% Qualità Originale Italiana Sistema ITPI


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